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    Forum Rules - MUST read prior to posting

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    Forum Rules - MUST read prior to posting Empty Forum Rules - MUST read prior to posting

    Post by Enchantress on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:29 pm

    Welcome to MJJEnchanted!

    In order to keep this forum an enjoyable and safe experience for all Michael Jackson fans rules need to be established and followed. It is very important that you read these rules and follow them or it could lead to be being banned from the forum.

    Also, please note that many of the sub-forums have their own set of rules that you must read and comply with as well before posting in them.

    General Rules

    1. Members are permitted to have only one account.
    2. Usernames are not to be vulgar or offensive in nature.
    3. Vulgar language and/or disrespectful behavior towards other members or staff will not be tolerated.
    4. Spamming, of any kind, is not allowed.
    5. If an issue arises between you and another member please address such issues via pm. Do not display these issues publicly.
    6. Members can promote other websites in the "You Rock My World" section. You must have a minimum of 20 posts to post here. Do not spam the forum to reach the minimum number of posts.
    7. Do not, for any reason, disclose personal information to anyone on the forum or in a PM. Including, but not limited to, phone number, address, account password, etc.

    Forum Posts

    1. Before creating a new thread, please use the search function to be sure a similar thread doesn't already exist.
    2. Please ensure that you are posting your thread in the correct section. If you need guidance please ask a member of the team.
    3. When quoting something from another forum or website, or posting an article, members must provide the source and its link.
    4. Posting content of PM's, without the authors permission, is not allowed.
    5. Members are not allowed to post download links for officially released material. You may, however, post links to youtube videos or stream music.
    6. There is to be no adult content on the forum. So no discussing pornographic or sexual topics, and do not post adult pictures, video, or audio.

    Above all else, remember that this is a place to celebrate Michael Jackson, his life and career. We are all here to honor his legacy. Though fans will not always agree on every detail of his life we still must respect other individual's opinions. Michael was about acceptance and L.O.V.E. and we all should be too.

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