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    Team Members Wanted

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    Team Members Wanted Empty Team Members Wanted

    Post by Enchantress on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:27 pm

    This forum is brand new and in need of help. Currently I am looking to find some people for the following areas.

    Administrators - This group has access to everything and can make changes to the forum in all aspects. Anyone applying for this position should be familiar with forumotion and have availability and willingness to really help make this forum grow to full potential.

    Global Moderators - These individuals moderate the entire forum

    Fan Fiction Team - This group moderates fan fiction and will help create and manage fan fiction contests

    Gallery Team - This group moderates the gallery and the Man In The Mirror section

    Media Team - This group moderates the multimedia section and promotes the forum

    Graphics Team - This group moderates the forum support section and helps create graphis for the forum

    Forum Moderators - These individuals moderate specific forums only

    If you would like to volunteer to help in any of these areas please send me a PM with the following information:

    1. Which position you are interested in.
    2. Your prior experience in any of these areas.
    3. Your areas of expertise.
    4. Why you are seeking the position.
    5. Why you think you are good for the position.

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